Friday, June 24, 2011

F.A.I.E.Z - Funny.Agile.Inquisitive.Energetic.Zest

It's been more than a year since I last blogged here. I has been a busy year for me trying to juggle work, family and studies all at the same time. Multi-tasking...that's the buzz word for such things!

I have not shared anything about my 3rd child - Faiez, who portrays all the adjectives that forms the acronym of his name and more like creative & smart. Faiez, is Allah's gift to me and my hubby after we went through a rough patch in our marital relationship about 8 years ago. But that's another story for another post.

Faiez was quiet when he was a baby and toddler. So very much different from what he is now...chatty, loud and always actively jumping up and down, running very energetic.He's like the bunny in the Duracell advert that keeps going on and on and on.....I can't keep up! The only time the house is quiet is either when he sleeps or when he's at school!

He started Year 1 primary school this year and he hates homework. Getting him to do his homework is like getting blood out of a rock and I have to keep reminding him over and over again. He can't sit still in one place for more than 5 minutes!

Here is a true story about what happened to his pair of shoes earlier this year.

After a week of Chinese New Year holidays, Faiez (Year 1) went to school on the following Monday wearing his sister Miza's (Year 5) shoes. I only realized it after we have arrived at the school. So, later when my hubby went to pick up Fikrie (Form 2) at his school nearby, Fikrie went to send Faiez his shoes so that Faiez can change. Ok... all is well right after that....... NOT! 

When I went to pick up Faiez in the evening... taadaa.... I found that he has LOST his shoes. Apparently he went playing in the field after school and took off his shoes because according to him he can run like the wind WITHOUT his shoes! After much searching by both myself and Faiez, he ended up going home barefoot in my car as we couldn't find the shoes anywhere, not even in the drain or the garbage bin.

But that's not the best part.... The best part is that this particular pair of shoes was a bit torn after 3 weeks of school. So I became a cobbler and worked hard at repairing and mending the shoes during the Chinese New Year break, by stitching the torn part... thus making it look almost new again. Alas... now that it's all better and looking brand new after surgery, the shoes decided to leave for greener pastures.....sigh... what more can I say!

Of course when Faiez returned home without his shoes, my hubby was quite mad. In my case, I didn't know whether to be angry, laugh or cry. I was angry at the beginning when I first saw him barefoot at school...but later on in the car when I thought about how funny it was...I silently laughed inside (hey, I have to maintain the angry Mum look so Faiez will learn his lesson).

So, not wanting to lose the shoes, the next morning my hubby went searching for the shoes after he dropped off Fikrie and Miza at their schools nearby. Surprisingly, hubby found the pair of shoes that morning. The shoes were sitting quietly and meekly on the shoe rack outside the school's prayer room (Surau). Great!!! The best part is, the shoes are not the same sized pair! The right side (size 11) which had surgery during the CNY break found an older left side partner (size 12) and decided to stick with this new partner. We don't even know what happen to the other pair. 

And to this I'm writing this, Faiez still wears the pair of shoes regardless of the different sizes. He seems to be unfazed by it (the different shoe size that is)! What can I say .... kids....if they're happy, then I'm happy too!

Faiez can still smile even after he fell and got his eyes swollen. Luckily, it didn't hit his eyes. The cut was about  1 cm away from his eyes! Thank you, Allah...for keeping him safe!


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